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Why Publish with aSys Publishing

Why Self Publish with aSys Publishing?

There are a number of companies offering self publishing services. Some of them offer their services at very low prices and at the other end of the scale, others offer their services at very high prices.

aSys Publishing keeps its fees to a minimum, but our pricing structure reflects the amount of work needed to provide authors with a professional publication that they can be immensely proud of.

Simple economics dictates that companies offering publication services cheaply cannot spend sufficient time typesetting and publishing your book."

Over the last several years, aSys Publishing has published a wide range of books. From high-quality full-colour coffee table books right through to mass-market paperback novels, no publishing project is too large, too small or too complex for aSys Publishing to handle.

You have worked hard on your book, don't trust the publication to anybody else."


Typesetting is the process of formatting a raw manuscript into the correct layout for a published book. It is one of the most complex, important and time consuming activities required to bring a book to market and so, it must be done well.

Whether your book is intended to be an electronic or a physical book, aSys Publishing takes great pride in providing a professional and cost effective self publishing service. We only use high-end industry standard applications (Adobe InDesign), for the typesetting process. This enables us to have state-of-the-art of control over the formatting and typesetting process which assists us in producing high-quality, well typeset books.

The quality of aSys Publishing's typesetting is equal to that of any major publishing house."

Physical Books

As mentioned above, aSys Publishing uses industry standard typesetting applications. This coupled with our extensive experience ensures that the typesetting of your book is as good as possible. We take a great deal of time to make sure that your book will not have ugly widows/orphans or an inconsistent format - all of which are vital if the book is to look as good as possible.

  • Manufacturing Costs

All physical books are subject to what is called a "Manufacturing Cost". This is the actual cost of printing and binding the book and can have an massive impact on your royalty. aSys Publishing only uses book printers who are able to offer competitive unit prices, therefore keeping your manufacturing cost as low as possible and so, maximising your royalties.

The manufacturing cost of a book is based on the specification of the book and how many pages there are after typesetting. The more pages there are the more expensive the book will be to produce.

aSys Publishing's extensive experience allows us to optimise the layout of high word count books so that the minimum number of pages are required. This can be done without compromising the book's typesetting and without making it look "Cramped". Conversely, very short books can be made to use more pages by using specialist typesetting procedures.


Formatting an eBook for any eReader involves an intimate understanding of the software technology behind the device before all of the many features of the device can be available in the final eBook. aSys Publishing has such knowledge and formats eBooks correctly for reading on any eReader device.

It is easy to format an eBook badly but it is difficult to format it correctly. However good a book might be, a badly formatted eBook would be difficult to read and would likely generate negative reviews and thus, adversely affect sales. aSys Publishing optimises the formatting for the eReader as a matter of course.

  • eBook file size and Delivery Costs

When a buyer purchases your eBook, it is delivered electronically to their Kindle (or other eBook reading devices) over the internet.

What is often overlooked by authors' is that Amazon makes a charge for eBook delivery. This charge amounts to about 15 pence per megabyte. The delivery charge is deducted from any royalty that will accrue from the sale. If the eBook is generated using a word processor, the file will almost certainly be significantly larger than it needs to be, resulting in higher delivery charges, and lower royalties.

aSys Publishing does not use a word processor and constructs your eBook by writing and optimising the underlying code. While doing this we optimise all aspects of your eBook thus ensuring that your eBook’s delivery charge is as small as possible. We can do this because we know exactly how the file should be constructed; not only to produce an eBook with the full functionality of the eBook reader, but also as small as possible, to minimise delivery charges.


Unlike some self publishing companies, aSys Publishing does not take any of your royalties. These are kept entirely by you, and are paid directly to you by the distribution channel that sells your book. For example, if a book was to sell on Amazon, then Amazon would pay a royalty directly to you, the author.


Unlike as with some self publishing companies, the copyright of a book published by aSys Publishing remains entirely with the author.

Complex and Large Books

aSys Publishing's extensive experience makes us well positioned to be able to undertake any publishing project regardless of its complexity or length. If you have a physical or an eBook concept with many illustrations, footnotes/endnotes, complex table of contents and full indices, then please contact us for an estimate.


Apart from the fact that aSys Publishing will format and publish your eBook or paperback correctly and professionally, cutting no corners and making the absolute best of your material, the bottom line is what do our customers say? We present below a selection of testimonials from some of our authors.

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