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Book Marketing Services for Self Published Books

Book Marketing for Self Published Books

aSys Publishing offers the following marketing services and can suggest simple marketing ideas that the author can implement themselves at no, or very little cost.

Social Media

One of the best ways to market a book is via social media. Literally millions of people from all walks of life interact with social media on a daily bases. Highly targeted advertising directed at social media users can be an effective way to market a book. aSys Publishing offers the following social media services:

Facebook Author's Pages

While posting to a normal Facebook timeline is a great idea to initially market a book, very few people outside of the group of friends will actually see the advert. Moreover, the advert will, by default, not be public and so not become indexed into the search engines. A much better idea would be to create a Facebook author's page.

Facebook Author's pages are public by default and so search engines can easily index the page. This makes it much easier for people searching for books to find the advert and then follow the instructions of how to buy copies.

aSys Publishing can create a public Facebook page on the author's behalf and customise it to look very similar to the book's cover. Once the page had been created, it would be passed over to the author so that he/she could make regular updates. The more updates that an author can make, the better it would be for people to discover the book.

Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign

aSys Publishing can create and manage a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Targeting the adverts can be as precise as required. For example, a story about a haunted house could be targeted at a specific age group who are interested in the supernatural and related subjects.

The design of the advert would include the book's cover with a short description of the book and would show links from where the book could be purchased.

Business Cards and Flyers

aSys Publishing can arrange to have business cards or flyers printed based on the book's cover design which also includes information on how to purchases the book. Business cards, for example, can be left in busy public areas such as restaurants and pubs. The Business cards would show your cover design on the front with simple ordering information and, on the back, detailed information about how to purchase the book. This is usually done by using a QR code which can be scanned by a mobile telephone.

Overview of the Costs

The following table shows the associated costs of the services detailed above. Please note, the author needs to accept that marketing services cannot be guaranteed to have any effect on book sales before ordering.

The marketing services detailed above can only be ordered if aSys Publishing has completed the publication.

Service Cost
Facebook Advertising Setup £49
Facebook Author's Page £39
Business Card Design £39
Flyer Design £39
  • IMPORTANT: The prices above does not include the cost of printing business cards, flyers or cover the actual Facebook advertisement running costs. For more information please contact us.

  • IMPORTANT: Facebook Advertising Setup is a one-off cost. Once setup, the only cost would be the actual running costs of adverts.

  • IMPORTANT: The Business cards and flyers design fees are one-off costs. Reprints would not be subject to the setup cost.

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ISBN Assignment £25 (Free with Selected Services)


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