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Self Publishing Paperbacks

It is undeniable that electronic books are becoming very popular, in fact, Amazon now sell considerable more eBooks than they do physical books. Despite this, many people still love the texture and physical presence of an actual book."

Overview of Paperback Self Publishing

  • The self publishing revolution has made it easier than ever to have physical books printed, published and distributed.

Traditional (or physical books) are surprisingly cost effective and are a highly realistic option for anybody wishing to self publish. Many of our authors' choose to publish their book both electronically and in physical formats. This allows an author's future readers great flexibility and opens new book sales opportunities for the aspiring new and established author alike.

In order for your book to have the best possible chance of success, your book must have a perfect and consistent formatting throughout. The procedure of formatting a book is called Typesetting and is one of the most complex, important and time consuming activities required to bring a book to market.

aSys Publishing takes great pride in providing a professional and cost effective self publishing service. We only use high-end industry standard applications (Adobe InDesign), for typesetting. This enables us to have a great deal of control over the formatting process which assists us in producing high-quality publications.

The quality of our typesetting is equal to that of any of the major traditional publishing houses.

Print on Demand (POD)

Print on Demand is a relative new publishing concept whereby your book is made available on the Amazon website and, depending upon which service you choose, many other distribution channels. After a customer has ordered a copy of your book, the book is immediately printed and bound and then shipped directly to your customer. POD books are printed very fast and the procedure is fully automatic.

With the Print on Demand service you are able to have almost any type of book published. The service allows for standard mass-market monochromatic novels right up to full-colour illustrated books.

  • POD books effectively mean that an author does not need to make a significant financial investment because books are only printed when an order is received.

Our Print on Demand paperback book publication service covers the following key points.

  • Professional Typesetting using Adobe InDesign, state-of-the-art typesetting software

  • Book Cover Design

  • Table of Contents

  • Full Index (additional fees may apply)

  • Book submission and Publication

  • ISBN Assignment (Imprint depending upon the service selected)

  • Support and Advice

The benefits of Print on Demand notwithstanding, aSys Publishing can arrange to have books printed in bulk at cost-effective unit prices if an author so wishes.

Book Cover Design

We can design attractive book covers even if you do not have any artwork. The cover will include your synopsis on the back together with the ISBN barcode and any other information you may require. If you have artwork then we will be happy to incorporate it into the book cover design. The artwork must be high-resolution and be the correct shape for your intended book. Please contact us for more information.

Complex Format Books

aSys Publishing has many years experience producing books of all types. We are able to undertake any book design that you may require. This could include none-standard book sizes, footnotes, endnotes, image insertion and creating full indices.

Complex books take much longer to format and therefore do not fall within our advertised prices. If you have a complex book then please contact us for a cost-effective quote.

Click for more information about Complex book projects

Legal Deposit Libraries Act

By law, a copy of every UK print publication must be given to the British Library, and to five other major libraries if requested. This system is called legal deposit and has been a part of English law since 1662.

aSys Publishing can arrange to deposit authors' publications in accordance with the Legal Deposit Act. However, if an author decides not to use this service, then it is required by law that they make the submission themselves within 30 days after publication.

Click for more information about the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003

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ISBN Assignment £25 (Free with Selected Services)


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