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Proofreading Services

Self Publishing - Proofreading Services

Proofreading or editing by dedicated professionals is very expensive. Typically, the costs are in the region of £10 per 1,000 words or substantially more depending upon the amount of work required. It goes without saying, that a well written book will require less proofreading or editing than a book that is less good.

aSys Publishing offers two levels of proofreading or editing which an author can select.

In-House Proofreading

aSys Publishing understands that the high cost of proofreading or editing can be outside of many self publishing authors' budgets, therefore, we offer a basic but affordable service.

The in-house proofreading service involves your document being read by a person who is looking for grammatical and spelling issues as well as ambiguities in meaning. The proofreader will make suggestions for changes to the document as deemed necessary. When the proofreading is complete, a track-change PDF document is generated that shows the complete document with all of the original text, as well as the suggested changes, which are highlighted. This PDF file is then sent back to the author, who then has to approve or reject the suggestions.

Like most proofreading services, the in-house proofreading service cannot guarantee that all of issues will be found, but most of them will be. It is therefore a requirement that an author agrees to the fact that any remaining issues not found by the in-house proofreading are the responsibility of the author.

In-House Proofreading Cost

£2 per 1000 Words

Depending upon the workload of the proofreader, the length of the book and the quality of the writing, this service can take up to six weeks to complete but is often done much quicker.

As detailed above, the author will be sent a track-change document which clearly shows the original text in blue and the alterations in red. The track-change document will look similar to the example below.

Tracked Change Example

External Proofreading or Editing

aSys Publishing has a business relationship with a professional dedicated proofreading/editing company based in London. This service is by quotation only but as a guide the cost will be around £10 per 1000 words.

This is a full, professional proofreading/editing service whereby your manuscript will be read by two individuals, changes are fully tracked and ultimately, the author has to approve the changes.

Proofreading will take approximately two to three weeks depending upon the length of the manuscript and the current workload of the proofreaders.

The author will also be required to accept any terms and conditions imposed by the proofreading/editing company.

External Proofreading or Editing

By Quote Only

The full cost of this service will depend upon the quality of the writing and the exact requirements of the author. Please contact us for more information.

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