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aSys Publishing strongly believes that every author has the right to have their work published. If you think that your book should be published then we want to hear from you. Our only requirements are that your book content is legal, not of an offensive nature and you have the rights to publish the work."

The Publishing Procedure

Self Publishing with aSys Publishing could not be easier. All you need to do is submit your manuscript in a word processor format and we will do the rest. During the process, you will receive several PDF soft-proofs for you to check. These soft-proofs include the book's interior and cover design.

If you are having a physical book, then aSys Publishing will assign your book an ISBN and then order a physical proof on your behalf which you would need to check carefully. If you are only having an eBook published, you will receive a soft-proof which will need to be approved.

Once checked and approved, we would mutually select a convenient date for publication and you will decide on a selling price. Your book would be available for people to purchase approximately one week after publication.

The following is a short description of the procedure.

  1. We receive your manuscript and conduct some basic format error checking and preparation

  2. If requested, your manuscript would be proofread or edited

  3. Typesetting begins and various soft-proofs are sent to you

  4. Design work on your cover starts and various soft-proofs are sent

  5. An ISBN is assigned to your book

  6. If applicable, a physical paperback or hardback book is printed

  7. You decide on a selling price based on information provided by aSys Publishing

  8. A convenient publication date is chosen

  9. Publication Day. (The book will be available for sale about seven days later)

  10. A date will be agreed to hand over the various publication accounts to you, which will be done over the phone when you have a computer on, in front of you


aSys Publishing requires a 20% (or £50, whichever the greater) deposit before work can begin. For international clients, the deposit is 50%. Full payment is then required after you have approved the book for publication and the funds must have cleared in our account before publication.

Our preferred methods of payment are by Credit / Debit Card (taken over the phone) or Bank Transfer. We accept cheques, made payable to aSys IT, however work cannot start until the cheque has cleared.

Terms and Conditions

Before aSys Publishing can start on your book publication project, it is important that you review and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The manuscript must be submitted in its final form. That is; it should have been checked and rechecked by the author and be ready for formatting and publication. Unless specifically requested, aSys Publishing does not offer proofreading or editing services. However, if after the document has been formatted by aSys Publishing, ready for publication and at this stage the author wishes to make substantial changes then further charges may apply.

  2. Each service comes with a set number of post-formatting changes. Once this number has been exceeded, additional fees may apply. Any additional fees would be clearly indicated to the author before work stated.

  3. The author must have all legal permissions and rights to publish all of the material in the manuscript. This includes, but is not limited to; textual content, diagrams, illustrations and photographs.

  4. It is not normally acceptable to simply copy and paste material that is found on the Internet even if it is in the public domain. Please contact us for clarification.

  5. The manuscript must not be of a nature that would make it illegal to be published in the United Kingdom, United States of America or any other country.

  6. By accessing or using the service you agree that you, the author, is fully responsible for the entire content of the book and agree that aSys Publishing is not liable, in any way, for any damages that could be caused by content contained within the publication.

  7. Following the author's approval of the proof (Soft or Printed) any remaining errors or omissions will be the responsibility of the author.

  8. If you wish to use a pseudonym for your publication, then please state this clearly before publication.

  9. The copyright of your book remains entirely with you, the author.

  10. aSys Publishing does not keep any of your royalties and royalties are paid directly to the author by whatever distribution channel sells your book. As an example, if Amazon were to sell 100 paperback books, then Amazon would pay the royalty directly to you.

  11. aSys Publishing's full terms and conditions can be found here and our privacy policy can be found here.

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