Proofreading Services

Proofreading by dedicated proofreading companies is very expensive. Typically, the costs are in the region of £10 or more, per 1,000 words.

Some publishing companies offer 'proofreading' included in their standard service at very low cost. This cannot be proper proofreading. It most likely involves simply looking at what Microsoft Word reports when a document is imported into it. This is NOT proofreading. This type of document examination is done routinely by aSys Publishing for every document, using Word and other advanced proofing software, as well as the formatter and/or typesetter, looking for obvious errors in the document.

Standard Service

Our standard service does not include proofreading services. However, the service checks for obvious spelling and grammatical errors, using advanced grammatical software to aid detection. Any suggested corrections will be send to the author for approval. This error checking is not proofreading and so your manuscript should, in your opinion, be publication ready when it is sent to us..

  • Included in the publication price

You will receive a document similar to the following allowing you to either approve or reject the proposed changes:

Proofreading Changes

Standard Proofreading Service

Our proofreading service involves your document being carefully read by a person who is looking for grammatical and spelling errors as well as ambiguities in meaning. The proofreader will make corrections to the document as deemed necessary. When the proofreading is complete, a PDF document is generated that shows the complete document with all of the original text, as well as the corrections, which are highlighted. This PDF file is then sent back to the author, who then has to approve or reject the suggested corrections.

It cannot be guaranteed that 100% of errors will be found, but an extremely large proportion of them will be flagged up and suggestions made for correction. The author will go through the document with the suggested corrections as above and any additional errors that the author may find him or herself will then also be incorporated into the final document.

  • Example Price: (£2 per 1000 words) For a Manuscript of 40,000 words: £80

  • You will receive a document similar to the one detailed under our standard service. This will allow you to review the proposed changes and either approve or reject them.

  • This proofreading services is NOT a rewriting service. The author is still expected to provide a document that is, in their opinion, publication ready.

  • Proofreading usually takes approximately two to three weeks (occasionally more) depending upon the amount of proofreading currently in hand.

Advanced Proofreading Service

aSys Publishing has a business relationship with a professional dedicated proofreading company based in London. This service is by quotation only but as a guide the cost will be around £10 per 1000 words.

This is a full, professional proofreading service whereby your manuscript will be read by two proofreaders, changes are fully tracked and ultimately, the author has to approve the changes.

Proofreading will take approximately two to three weeks depending upon the length of the manuscript.

  • This services is by quotation only, please contact us for more information.


It should be noted that proofreading cannot guarantee to capture every error in a document, but relatively few errors will escape.

Some documents will benefit greatly from proofreading, whilst others will not. The author has to make the decision as to whether their document requires proofreading. Proofreading is a separate service, and the author will be invoiced for this service at the time of proofreading.

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