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Author Testimonials

aSys Publishing prides itself on providing cost effective and professional publication services. Here are a few testimonials from some of our authors:

Shannon Rowan

  • The Goldfish of Brandywine Farms: As told by Stinky the cat

As a newbie to the publishing world I was so happy to have aSys Publishing recommended to me by a fellow author when I wanted to find a publisher for my first children's book. Nicola was extremely polite, friendly, patient and helpful through the whole process. No question was too insignificant or too much trouble for her and she went more than the extra mile to troubleshoot problems I encountered with my design layout. Her rates were more than reasonable especially when considering how much time she put into answering my many questions and she was absolutely a pleasure to work with. I have already referred other authors to Nicola and I would highly recommend aSys to anyone for all of their publishing needs and I plan to use aSys for all of my future books.

Maggie Parker

  • The Doctor

  • The Lighthouse

  • The Politician

  • Black Velvet: Living the Dream: Part 1

  • Black Velvet: Out of the Ashes: Part 2

I have used Nicola Mackin and aSys Publishing for five books now. I have always been delighted with the professional service provided, nothing is too much trouble. I will continue to seek Nicola’s help with future books. For me, finding Nicola came after a lot of headaches trying to get my books ready to publish, I did not want to go down the traditional route, as my writing is a hobby. I have a very busy life and work full time; any spare time is taken up with writing. I did, however, want to see my work in print. Using aSys has meant that I was able to publish the way I wanted to and not be dictated to by the commercially motivated publishing industry. I have felt in control in every step of the process. For my last two books, Nicola has taken my ideas and provided the cover details too, this has also proved useful.

Cornelius Coe

  • Fiend

Professional, efficient, reliable, and transparent – I have published three novels through aSys Publishing, and I’m absolutely delighted with the results – each time, I have been provided with a professional service and professional final product. Formatting a manuscript as an eBook is a monumental task without the requisite knowledge. For such a nominal fee, aSys Publishing removes this daunting hassle, and gets not only this job done, but also, the equally difficult slog of distributing your work is handled efficiently and without fault, all the while with timescales clearly communicated and met. Not a single complaint, and plenty of praise. I will without a doubt use aSys Publishing's services again.

Moboni Lewis

  • A Crime of Innocence: They told him it was a game

  • Anita's Diary

  • Everyone's Child

I’m really so glad to have found aSys Publishing. And Nicola, she’s such a blessing! Having read what other people had to say about her work, I was so eager to have her publish my book, and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed. She’s prompt and efficient and easy to work with, and now she’s published, not one, but two of my books. That says a lot!

Thanks Nicola for helping to make my publishing dreams come true and for “holding hands” throughout the process.

MoBoni Lewis, author of Everyone’s Child and Anita’s Diary"

David Keogh

  • The Accidental Gangster Series

  • Distribution: Paperback, Kindle, Enhanced Distribution and Waterstones Bookstores

When we finished our first novel we had originally decided to self-publish and use Nicola for our ebooks/kindle distribution, she talked us through the process and guided us through all the pitfalls and got it up for sale quickly and for a very reasonable price. Due to unexpected publicity our book sales began to go through the roof and we were unable to keep up with the demand on our paperbacks and so we later went to Nicola for help with distribution and publishing of our paperback too. She understood that we didn't want to miss out on sales and dealt with our enhanced distribution quickly and efficiently, going way beyond the call of duty. As we were new to the publishing world her advice on every single aspect has been invaluable! I can honestly say that if we hadn't used her and aSys publishing that we would not have sold half as many books and definitely never have got our books into Waterstones. She offers a friendly, professional and reasonably priced avenue for authors to get their books out there without losing the money to big publishers. I cannot recommend her services enough; I only wish we had discovered her earlier!!

Jed Hamilton

  • Large is the Smallest We've Got: A Jigsaw Puzzle (Paperback & Kindle)

I cannot express too strongly my thanks to Nicola and aSys Publishing for their invaluable services in publishing my book. Amazon and Kindle advertise self-publishing as though it is a simple process: it isn’t. I am so glad I sought the help of an IT and publishing expert who knows what she is doing - things would have been disastrous otherwise; and I am even more glad that person was Nicola. She not only guided me effortlessly through the myriad of decisions I needed to make, and helped avoid the common mistakes that are so easily made (and not so easily put right) - but the after-care I have received is second to none. Many, many thanks.

Parny Wallace

  • Bad Apple

  • You Me Yes!

  • Distribution: Amazon Paperback

I have presented two book projects to this service, both of which were complicated in layout and text format style. Both picture converting and fine line artwork were very well handled and converted with extreme care and attention to detail.

I fully recommend this service in completing your book layout and project file transfer to print publication standard.

Parny Wallace

Chris Shiresdavis

  • Backwards to the Future

  • Distribution: Paperback, Hardback and every major eBook retailer

I recently had the good fortune to choose Nicola Mackin of aSys publishing to publish both a paperback and kindle version of my non fiction writing.I am a novice writer and found a publisher that was able to hand hold me through what for many writers must be a daunting process at the best of times.Extremely good value for money Nicola Mackin has proved to be a highly professional and friendly person guiding you through all the intricacies of getting your work published with the minimum of discomfort. I certainly do not believe I would have found any better publisher and I would without any hesitation whatsoever highly recommend Nicola and her publishing services to anyone requiring highly experienced and professional publishing disciplines whether it be for new writers or experienced previous authors of any genre. I plan a second book and there will be no other publisher than aSys publishing to act on my behalf in the future, as value for money together with a warm and friendly approach to her clients is a rare commodity these days and one to be commended,praised and publicised to a diverse audience of writers.

Chris Shiresdavis

Peter Good

  • Be TREY Al

  • Distribution: Paperback and every major eBook retailer

Customer Recommendation

Mark Devlin

  • Musical Truth

  • Distribution: Paperback, Hardback and every major eBook retailer

The self-publishing game can be a minefield of administration - not always the first thing an already-stretched-to-capacity author needs. In recruiting Nicola at aSys Publishing, I was very happy that she took the reins through the entire process, making suggestions whilst guiding me through each step, but always waiting for my approval before committing to anything. I was impressed that the entire process ran efficiently, on-time, and within budget. I'll certainly be returning when it's time to unleash my next volume.

John Hamer

  • Behind The Curtain: A Chilling Exposé of the Banking Industry plus others

  • Distribution: Paperback and Amazon Kindle

I would just like to say how pleased I am by the quality of service I have received from Nicola and aSys Publishing. I have now had three of my books published by aSys and nothing is ever too much trouble. One of the books was a particular headache due to its huge size, but Nicola was totally unfazed by it and suggested several different options, at the same time cheerfully putting-up with my procrastination and indecision about which way to go. And at the other end of the scale, a small poetry book I had published as a tribute to my recently deceased father was processed with great speed and efficiency – and all at such reasonable cost too.

Paul Cotterell

  • The Book of Ten (Paperback, Kindle and Enhanced Distribution)

I had a book of short stories published by Nicola and aSys Publishers, after finding their website and liking the look of it. It was a shot in the dark really and I had some trepidation about the whole process. However, I found Nicola fantastic to deal with, always being there for a query, always ready to change things (even when my changes were slightly OCD!).

Writing and publishing a book is a very personal thing and Nicola provides a very personal, friendly but totally professional experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others in the same boat as me.

I'm currently working on the second collection and, without a doubt, I will be approaching aSys for the publication of that when the time comes

Nicola turned a worry (about publishing in the first place, the process, what to do for the best, etc, etc) into a really pleasurable, exciting experience and I'm very pleased I chose aSys.

Jed Hamilton

  • Large is the Smallest We've Got: A Jigsaw Puzzle (Paperback & Kindle)

Rev Chris Beales

  • Humanising Work (Paperback, Kindle, Kobo & Nook)

I am really grateful to Nicola for her care and hard work in getting my book to publication. She has been expert and thorough, keeping me well informed through the process and always responsive to my questions and comments.

Thank you.

Rev. Chris Beales


  • Magic Stones (Paperback, Kindle, Kobo & Nook)

I was impressed by the excellent service provided by aSys Publishing. The service was highly professional and efficient. The price for publication on Kindle was competitive and true value for money.

Kind regards


Jeff Hawksworth

  • A Child's Eye View (Paperback, Kindle, Kobo & Nook)

  • Graham's Gang (Paperback, Kindle, Kobo & Nook)

  • Help Out House (Paperback, Kindle, Kobo & Nook)

  • The Carpenter's Gife (Kindle & ePub)

I would like to go on record as a grateful client of Nicola Mackin's, for a number of reasons.

Her friendly, supportive manner belies a keen knowledge of modern day publishing techniques, which becomes clear as the process evolves. Yet she dedicated a great deal of time in tutelage too, enabling me to add weight to the marketing of my works.

She has published four books for me so far and will be doing as much for my fifth novel later this year.

Whoever reads this, do check my website out. ( Not only will you see a site that Nicola created, but you will also have an opportunity to purchase examples of her work!

Jeff Hawksworth

Prof Brian Morton

  • Tales and Drawings of a life by the Sea (Hardback Book)

School of Biological Sciences

The University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR


To Whom it May Concern

The formatting and preparation work for the above book was undertaken by Ms Nicola Mackin of aSys Publishing from a manuscript and illustrations provided by me and following the guidelines provided by me and how I wished the final book to look.

I can state that the work undertaken by Ms. Mackin was completed expeditiously and to my satisfaction. Throughout the process of design and layout, Ms Mackin and I were in regular and un-impaired contact by e-mail and occasional telephone discussion such that the book was delivered to the printer on schedule.

I am completely happy with the final book product and, thus, can commend Ms. Mackin and aSys Publishing to others with similar projects in mind. Others too have commented on the final quality of the illustrations and, in particular, their preparation, design and layout commensurate upon considerable photo-shop editing by Ms. Mackin.

Professor Brian Morton OBE

Mark Fox

  • Destructive Interference (Paperback & Kindle)

Having recently published my first ever book, with the help and assistance of aSys Publishing, I can personally recommend the same. Besides being friendly, honest and amenable, they also possess a comprehensive understanding of Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing, and can therefore guide one expertly through the myriad of associated issues. The service offered was prompt, clear and methodical – in addition to being economical, highly-efficient and cost-effective. From the moment I first submitted my manuscript, through to seeing my printed book commercially available, I never once felt that my project was anything other than a high priority.

My own work required not only typesetting, but also the re-sizing and conscientious placement of numerous illustrations, together with the careful inclusion of such pressing typographical concerns as subscription and superscription – making AS-Publishing the ideal choice, whether one is submitting pure literary prose, or indeed, some technical scholarly monograph. Whilst advice was always available, the writer’s own wishes invariably prevailed, and any final alterations or amendments – of which there were a number – were always undertaken without any hint of objection, aversion or complaint.

I am now a published author, of a book I take immense pride in, and whose general appearance owes much to the technical expertise of those calibrating the POD software. Having also assigned my work an ISBN number, I can now legally deposit the same, and look forward to promoting and marketing my book worldwide. It must be stressed that successful self-publishing necessarily involves the active participation of the writer, and that aSys Publishing work hard to ensure that that involvement is suitably effective. Additionally, I now have the benefit of free ongoing support, plus a more commanding view of the entire print-publishing process.

Ron Clarke

  • The Adventures of Henry the Space Cadet(Paperback)

I would like to express my grateful thanks to Nicola Mackin and aSys Publishing for bringing Henry and his friends to the attention of the public by skilfully publishing this enchanting book. Without the help of Nicola, Henry’s audience would still consist of my wife and I as well as a few friends, including the dog, who listened to every word without complaint. I am very happy to recommend aSys Publishing.

Ron Clarke

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