Paperback Book Publication Services

Paperback Publishing Services

It is undeniable that electronic books are becoming very popular, in fact, Amazon now sell considerable more Kindle books than they do traditional books. Despite this, many people still love the texture and physical presence of an actual book."

The digital publishing revolution is not ignoring these people; it is now easier than ever to have your work published in this traditional way. Traditional book publication is a surprisingly cost effective and a highly realistic option. Many of our clients actually choose to publish both electronically and traditionally. This allows your customers great flexibility and opens new book sales opportunities for the aspiring new and established author alike.

Professional Paperback Formatting and Publication


Paperback Publication Services


Beware of cheap offers of publication, your book is very important and its preparation, which is not a simple matter needs to be done correctly.

  • Companies offering cheap publication packages will almost certainly have to take serious shortcuts during formatting procedure and potentially compromise your books chance of success.

  • Poor formatting not only makes your book difficult to read but often results in negative reviews.

We at aSys Publishing do not take shortcuts and ensure that the formatting is optimal and your pages will flow perfectly giving your reader a far better experience.

  • Discounts available if you also want to publish to eBook formats (The Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook). Please click for more information regarding pricing.

  • Listed prices are based on a standard text based novel. If your manuscript has more than 5 illustrations then please contact us for a cost effective quotation.

  • At all times you remain in full control of your book and own all rights and royalties thereafter.

Print on Demand (POD)

Print on Demand is a relative new publishing service whereby your book is made available on the Amazon website and other distribution channels. After a customer has ordered a copy of your book, the book is immediately printed and bound and then shipped to your customer. The printing service is done very quickly and the book dispatched directly to the customer.

With the Print on Demand service you are able to have almost any type of book published. The service allows for standard monochromatic novels right up-to full colour illustrated books.

  • Aside from the formatting and publication cost there is no financial outlay because Print on Demand books are only printed when a customer makes and actual order.

Our Print on Demand paperback book publication service covers the following key points.

  • Professional Book Typesetting using Adobe InDesign.

  • Book Cover Design

  • Manuscript Error Checking for obvious mistakes

  • Table of Contents, as detailed as you need. Clickable for eBooks

  • Rigorous testing before Publication

  • Book submission and Publication

  • ISBN Number in our Imprint Name (aSys Publishing) Free

  • Support and Advice

Specialist services are available, such as index generation and footnote insertion. Please contact us for a quotation.

Book Cover

We can design attractive book covers even if you do not have any artwork. The cover will include your synopsis on the back together with the ISBN barcode and other information you may require. If you have artwork then we will be happy to incorporate it into the book cover. Please contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT: Please read this statement carefully regarding the Legal Deposit Act 2003

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