Hardback Book Publication Services

Hardback Book Publishing Services

aSys Publishing is able to produce high quality hardback books. This can be done via our Lithographic and Digital book printing services and to a lesser extent via our Print on Demand service. Cover artwork can be printed directly on the hardback cover or on a standard dust jacket. The choice is yours.."

IMPORTANT: Please read this statement carefully regarding the Legal Deposti Act 2003:

Print on Demand (POD)

The Print on Demand services is really designed for paperback books however, it can be used to produce hardback books.

The Limitations:

  • Print on Demand hardback books can only be sold via our Enhanced Distribution package.

  • The Print on Demand book printers charge considerably more to manufacture the book.

Digital and Lithographic Printing Service

This service works differently to Print on Demand and produces extremely high quality books. Some of the available options are listed below.

  • Artwork printed on the hard cover

  • High Quality Dust Jackets

  • Large selection of hardback cover colours and textures

  • Foil Lettering on the Front and Spine

  • Large selection of colours for the Endpapers

  • Artwork printed on the Endpapers

Endpapers are the first and last pages of a hardback book. They are glued to the inside hardback and represent the first and last pages of the book. Look at any hardback book and you will be able to identify them.

The Endpapers can have your artwork printed on them, be white or from a large selection of colours. When you are ready to publish with us will will send you a sample swatch showing available endpaper colours and textures that are available for the actual hardback exterior.

It is important to note that this services is not Print on Demand and that you would need to purchases stocks of books, normally with a minimum order. The minimum order value will depend upon the specification of your book.

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