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The Barnes and Noble Nook eReader was originally introduced during November 2009. On December 2011 Barnes and Noble stated that the Nook eReader had a market share of 13.4% globally. These figures clearly place the Nook eReader as the third most popular eReader after the Amazon Kindle and Kobo readers.

Barnes and Noble is the leading book retailer in the USA.

Available via our Enhanced Distribution Package


Available via Enhanced Distribution Package


Beware of cheap offers of publication, your book is very important and its preparation, which is not a simple matter needs to be done correctly.

  • Companies offering cheap publication packages will almost certainly have to take serious shortcuts during formatting procedure and potentially compromise your books chance of success.

  • Poor formatting not only makes your book difficult to read but often results in negative reviews.

We at aSys Publishing do not take shortcuts and ensure that the formatting is optimal and your pages will flow perfectly giving your reader a far better experience.

  • Discounts available if you also want to publish to other formats (Paperback, The Kobo or Barnes & Noble's Nook). Please click for more information regarding pricing.

  • Listed prices are based on a standard text based novel. If your manuscript has more than 5 illustrations then please contact us for a cost effective quotation.

  • At all times you remain in full control of your book and own all rights and royalties thereafter.

Publishing on the Barnes & Noble NOOK

In order to have a good chance of success, your book, be it an electronic or physical book, needs to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of steps required to be a successful author but a very important step often missed by self published authors is that your book needs to be professionally formatted and for that formatting to be consistent throughout.

On the face of it eBook publishing and formatting appears easy to do, but, as with many things in life, is not easy to do it correctly.

Sadly, lots of eBooks have poor formatting and lack consistency. They frequently do not support all of the functionality of the eReader device. Your story line could be one of the best ever, but if your book is formatted badly it can make it difficult to read and often results in negative reviews.

In order to give your book the best chance of success serious attention has to be paid to the book's format. We at aSys Publishing take great pride in producing high quality books of all types and formats. All we need is your manuscript, which must be in a word processor format or a PDF file and we will do the rest.

Our Barnes & Noble eBook Publication Service at £149 covers the following key points.

  • Professional NOOK Formatting and Coversion

  • Support for all the NOOK's Advanced Functionality

  • Active Table of Contents

  • NOOK Book Cover (With or without your own artwork)

  • Thorough Testing on actual NOOK Devices

  • Publish to the Barnes and Noble Book Store

  • Support and Advice

Book Cover

We can design you a book cover even if you do not have any artwork. If you have artwork already or have something specific in mind then we will be happy to incorporate your ideas into the your book cover. Please contact us for more information.

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