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aSys Publishing provide professional, cost effective and friendly services designed to have your manuscript published accurately and in the shortest time possible.

aSys Publishing strongly believes that every author has the right to have their work published. If you think that your book should be published then we want to hear from you. Our only requirements are that your book content is legal, not of an offensive nature and you have the rights to publish the work.

  • It is absolutely vital that if your book is to succeed then the formatting has to be as good as possible. We take great care with all aspects of the publication procedure and ensure that your book will look as good as possible.

  • At all times you remain in full control of your book. You own the copyright and receive full royalties from the appropriate distribution channel. Our fee is a one off formatting and publication charge, we do not take any of your royalties.

You will be sent soft-proof PDF files via email for you to check and make sure you are happy with how the work is progressing. We will not complete the publication procedure (Make your book available for sale) until you are happy with the way your book looks.

If you are ready to proceed with the publication of your book then please click the Complete Publication Form button below. You will have the opportunity to upload your manuscript using this form.

This will give us enough information to get started. Once the form has been completed we will contact you directly in order to get started.

IMPORTANT: If you do not like filling out forms then please simply contact us instead. We are here to help.

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