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aSys Publishing has a great deal of experience in producing high quality paperback and hardback books of all types and sizes. From short stories on Print on Demand to high quality coffee table books printed on the lithographic print process, it's surprisingly cost effective to get your manuscript published."

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Print on Demand (POD)

The relatively new concept of the Print on Demand services makes publishing your book very cost effective indeed.

With Print on demand your book will be made available on Amazon ready for people to purchase. When an order is placed your book will be printed quickly, bound and then shipped directly to your customer. As the books are only printed as and when an order is placed keeping an expensive stock of books is not required.

Apart from aSys Publishing's formatting and publication fee, which is a one off payment, there is no large financial outlay as book stocks are not required. You can even buy copies of your own book at a substantially reduced rate to sell yourself privately if you so wish.

The Print on Demand service is able to produce almost any type of book. This service allows for ordinary text based novels right up to full colour reference manuals.

A list of standard book sizes that are available via the Print on Demand service are detailed on our book design page, which is available here.

If you are interested in having your manuscript published via the Print on Demand service then please click on one of the links below:

High Quality Digital or Lithographic Book Printing

Lithographically Printed Books

The Print on Demand service produces very professional, high quality and attractive books. However, if you are looking for something of exceptional quality then aSys Publishing have negotiated cost effective prices to have your manuscript printed using the lithographic print process. The lithographic process is much more expensive than Print on Demand but the quality is far superior."

This service would normally be used to produce very high quality coffee table books or reference manuals, it wound not normally be used for standard novels etc because the Print on Demand service provides ample quality for such books.

If lithographically printed books are an overkill for your publishing project but Print on Demand is not suitable then our digital book printing service may be the way to go. The printed book is of a better quality than Print on Demand but is substantially cheaper than lithographic printing.

  • aSys Publishing is able to produce these high quality books but because of the technical nature of both the print process and formatting procedures we would have to provide you with an estimate based on your exact requirements.

If you are interested please contact us and we will be happy to work with you on you publishing project.

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